Saturday, December 8, 2012

Why beadwork is better - lightness!

Even if you know how to MAKE gorgeous jewelry, it doesn't mean you are willing to! It's nice sometimes to buy something ready. And different from beadwork.
Some days ago I was hypnotized by some gorgeous, huge earrings.
They were amazing and so sparkly, but too heavy, so I found another pair even more beautiful, but much lighter.
But still, I thought: there's no way I can stand these on for more than 20 minutes!
Beadweaved jewelry have a great quality: they might not be cheap sometimes, but they're (often) as light as a breeze even when they're big!

And they last longer, don't change color like those cheap metal bijoux which turn black or red after a week. Metallic beads often have a galvanized finish which has been improved over the years and can now guarantee a permanent duration.

So you can have silver or gold earrings but you won't take them away after 1 hour and experience itchy, red/hot earlobes!

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