Thursday, December 20, 2012

The end of the world

My consolation is that I'm leaving Milan tonight for Xmas holidays and going to my hometown, Brindisi - I'll arrive tomorrow morning with a night train, right on time to be with my family.
And I'll be warmer, much warmer: average temperature in Milan is -2°C these days, in Brindisi is 10°C! Some days it will even be 16°C. Almost spring.

Since the world might not really end, I'm still making presents and a really scented one right now: gingerbread cookies. For the first time I'll give jar mixes to make these delicious cookies that only recently (thanks to IKEA) are becoming popular in Italy.

Source: Pinterest

I have a long history with them and their scent reminds me of college time.
After making the dough your hands will smell heavenly for hours and don't forget the mosturizing effect of butter and honey...
I don't have much time to bake them, so I really hope they'll come out nicely: a 12 hours train trip really calls for a treat.


  1. -2! In Milan??! OMG, it's +6 here (yes, Centigrade)!
    Who knew??
    Have a wonderful holiday with your family :-). As I work retail, I have really no opportunity to celebrate Christmas :-(, so I am jealous of those who do. We will have gifts and takeout chicken I guess on Christmas Day; a short one as I have to be back at work at 6 AM on the 26th. so bed for me around 9 PM on Christmas Day.
    Enjoy your family and your celebration!

    1. Thank you Lori, I'm sorry you won't have much time to celebrate!
      And yea, -2 and it's not even the lowest temperature we've had recently...