Wednesday, July 28, 2010

August challenge

I arrived back home this morning from Florence and decided it was time to post my necklace for the EBW August challenge.
I wish I had more time to make it like my original idea was, but I really am full of work to do, so here it is:

When I think about Hollywood, stars are on my mind; and since I'm pretty obsessed with them, it was the perfect theme to use my "starry compulsion".
Please search EBWC on for more beautiful pieces. Many talented ladies have already submitted their wonderful works!
Please visit the EBW blog
between August 9th and 15th in order to vote for your favorite!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Smileys obsession

I have a little obsession for smileys.
My mom made this beautiful amigurumi from an emoticon I always used in an obsessive way when chatting:

So last week I was at Zara and saw this t-shirt (on sale)and just couldn't refrain myself:

Now I really want a matching cuff; I'm going to use this scheme I made yesterday

Now, how can I not buy this...

Things to do while you travel

This month I've been travelling up and down and around Italy because I've just found a new job. I'm thrilled about it, but I'm also exhausted from all this moving...because...
I hate flying.
I only take airplanes when it's necessary to reach very distant places, when we go on vacation; but when I travel in Italy, I just use the train.
Well, the problem is I live 900 km far from my hometown, so it means a whole night to spend in the train, or half a day if I need to be somewhere in the afternoon.
So tomorrow I'm going to take this train at 7 in the morning from Puglia, to be in Tuscany at about 4 in the afternoon -_-'.
I've been travelling this way for almost ten years, so I bring every kind of stuff with me to kill time while on the train.
Knitting and crocheting needles, wool, books and of course my beloved iPod!
Lately I've started bringing beads too for hotel time, but I usually come back with nothing done.
So, wish me luck for tomorrow!

Friday, July 23, 2010

First peyote

This bracelet is about 17 years old:

It's my very first attempt with a tubular peyote.
Somewhere here at my mother's house, where I'm on vacation now, there's also my first beadwork ever: a bracelet made with a shoe-box loom.
I think most beaders have started this way!
It's so reassuring to see this bracelet is still perfect after so many years: not one bead missing, colours are the same. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit my wrist anymore ^_^
Let's hope every beadwork will stay this way!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

July Etsy beadweavers competition

This month's EBW competition theme was "The Secret Garden".
It was such an inspiring theme, everybody came up with wonderful pieces; it was interesting to see how most of them were related to real gardens, part of our memories.
My piece was inspired by the beautiful country of my region:

I've spent my summers until the age of 12 at my parent's house in Ostuni, Puglia, Italy: a place full of vines, oak trees, almond trees and prickly pears which grow spontaneously everywhere. I used to play there with my little cousins, hidden by the trees from our parents' eyes, in our little secret spots. We used to pick and eat almonds and every kind of fruits, playing and running, trying to climb dry stone walls, and covering up our clothes with dirt, but at the end of the day we were happy and exhausted. Of course it was forbidden to us to pick fruits, especially the prickly pears: a single spine in the hand was a terrible wound at that age!

My grandfather often picked prickly pears without the protection of anything, so he ended up with his hands full of spines, which I patiently removed one by one.

He also used to teach me how to recognize every kind of tree and we watered them together.
My grandpa passed away almost 3 years ago and I really miss him a lot.
My whole family still reunites in that house on summer sundays or for special events, and I always go back in my little secret garden thinking about him.

Masa Yume

Some months ago I made this necklace:

It's a brick stitch pendant withthe same kanjis I've tattoed on my back
It means "dream come true" - I think it's such a beautiful expression.
I had this tattoo to wish myself luck and to remember the dreams that have already come true, in order to find the strength to fight for the others left.


Welcome to my messy, crafty blog \(^▽^*)(*^▽^)/
A lot has changed in my life this year, so I felt like I needed to share things to give them a sense and make some order.
What you'll find here is my beadwork, my crochet and knitting moments products, my cooking experiments, the things that inspire me and some little pieces of my life as kidswear designer.

Warning: I'm a complete newbie when it comes to blogging. I absolutely have no idea how to do this! Bur I love challenges!