Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Time to go

In less than 5 hours I need to be up and get ready to go, take a cab to the train station with 2 very heavy bags and resist the urge to sleep.
In 12 hours from now I'll be in Austria, trying to fight my mind thinking "what the hell am I doing here?!?!?!" and trying to understand my new duties and definitely also new ways of communication.
My new little cousin baptism will be held there this saturday, that means some relatives I rarely see will be there and I will feel less alone.
I feel lucky to start this adventure somewhere relatively near and with people I love living there. Not that easy to start over again and again. But it is a bit exciting to have such a chance.
I can take only some light earrings and bracelets along with me so my shop will be pretty empty for the next month, I hope to solve this problem after Xmas.
Wish me luck - and some sleep too... :)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dinner with the author

I had the nicest experience yesterday as I got to meet an author I love: Hugh Howey.
He is a really nice person and I contacted him on Facebook the minute I discovered he was going to spend some time here in Milan. He accepted to meet me for dinner.

Yes, I did it. I forgot to bring a camera! Crappy phone pic.
We had a relaxed conversation over sushi and can I say I really needed to meet somebody so open minded when I am struggling with weird life choices and all. Such an interesting guy.

I thought it was going to be a once in a lifetime occasion to meet a writer you love, since most of them are...ehm...dead or too old or simply too famous to care. I am definitely going to read his other books after the Wool saga, and I warmly suggest you do the same! You won't regret it.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Babies and au pairs

I came back to Milan yesterday after an amazing week in Austria, where I met my new little cousin!

this is Thomas!
A lovely little boy whom I have cuddled the whole time, so sweet and lively! He's only 40 days old but so funny. So I had a good reason to desert my beads.

I was also looking for a family to join as au pair and at the very last minute I found one, it's only for a couple of months but I hope I'll manage to find a new job soon - and of course to enjoy this experience and learn a decent german!
This puts me in an unpleasant position with my shop and beads. I will carry all finished items with me, but I am not sure I'll be able to make new things for a while. I'll be super busy trying to adjust to my new life but, being a temporary job, I can't move all my stuff with me.
Perhaps I'll find new inspirations!
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Breaking my beading lamp was maybe the first big excuse I have for not beading lately.
Knitting is the second, especially since I have a tight deadline for a present.
I am also neglecting reading for the same reasons, but whenever I can choose between a book or beads, lately I have been choosing books.
Add a bad laryngitis with some very hard nights spent coughing and a visit from my dad here in Milan, and you'll have a perfect bunch of excuses for not doing what I am supposed to.

from Pinterest
I guess also not having many sales is a big demotivator and all the emails and chat I am forced to answer for my next life project are sucking up my time as well.

In the end of it all, there is just a big lack of self discipline and time organization.
My mind keeps telling me "cut me some slack!" as if I had all the time in the world to do everything. But I haven't.
Today I am done with my antibiotic and got almost all of my voice back, so I am going to go out for a walk - enough excuses!