Friday, July 26, 2013

Never ending drilling

No, I am not talking about drilling beads or pebbles. Nothing jewelry related.
It's just wherever I go, the sound of drills follows me - looks like buildings renovations are all over Italy.
And always next to where I live.

The weather is still not too hot, thanks to the strong wind blowing all over, but that means it is almost impossible to stay on a beach.
So I got back beading and making experiments.
By now all I can show is this

a mixture of colors and stones I really love. I'll have some new pieces really the meanwhile I am knitting hard to finish this shawl and I'm almost there.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer makes you thirsty

Even though this summer is really windy and cool, it's always nice to drink some fresh soda and so I always have a nice amount of can tabs to play with.
I am so behind with my beading schedule, I still have used only a small part of all the neon beads I had ordered and feel so guilty about it, so here are some good old can tab earrings with my new UV active seed beads and farfalle beads from Preciosa Ornela

The nice shape of farfalle beads is perfect for these earrings!

Also, I can't help but loving the beautiful confetti finish on the tabs.

I am working on a grellow pair and also on a grellow bracelet - I bought some pretty things on the local market this morning. Here you can see just the beginning of it from the balcony of my room

Brindisi, Puglia: thursday local market
It's huge! It has the shape of a Pi (more or less) and you can find everything there. And it's quite cheap.
So many projects on my mind, so little time!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

EBW July challenge: "Beautiful Summer Flowers"

This month the Etsy Beadweavers members are dealing with beaded flowers:

"The summertime with the sunny days and all beautiful flowers is full of energy like an engine for coming autumn and winter. It would be nice to create something new thinking about warm days. I live in wet Normandy so this kind of project keeps me warmer." 

There is always so much to learn from my fellow beaders, I am never tired to look at these beauties and try to understand how they made each detail of their item.

Voting was hard, but I did had my 2 favorites since the beginning.

Remember to stop by on our team blog and vote for your favorite, as usual you have time until the 16th!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Baby knitting

Looks like baby knitting is the best when you are a person who gets bored with a project halfway

                                                                                                Source: Pinterest

(Had I already posted this? Well, it's still like this).
Baby knits are so much better, at least when they are newborns. In a couple of days you get to finish a sweater. Amazing.
So here's what I have done by now

a neon green hat in Merino wool, here you'll find the Ravelry link, and a little "grown up" cardigan

here the pattern, still needs to be blocked and I also need to find the right buttons.
I already have another cardigan on my needles and then a sleeping bag/cocoon with matching hat.
My Color Affection shawl is almost done...I'll bring it with me on the train tomorrow.
Yep! Going home finally! So I'll be furiously knitting for 12 hours...if I don't pass out before.