Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bead dolls

Some months ago I started making little beaded dolls.
I used to make them when I was a kid, taking inspiration and pattern from the one my grandmother had brought me from Hungary.
So here they are, still waiting to become something wearable!
This little mermaid was meant to be a part of an "ocean necklace"

The hula dancer

And, of course, Snow White...

While making Snow White's trunk, I realized I had used the wrong colour, so i turned the wrong one into a Frida Kahlo doll:

An "almost buyer" made a nice suggestion about making Frida's husband, Diego Riveira, so ...here is the couple:

And a second Frida too

All these beauties are waiting for the right idea...not just a simple necklace, not a brooche.
What will it be?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Etsy beadweavers Bollywood challenge

I finally made it! My "pancha" bracelet is finished:

It took an entire month to do it, considering I'm not that diligent with beading lately.

As soon as I saw the new theme in the Etsy beadweavers blog, I knew what I had to do: the inspiration came from my favourite movie, Umrao Jaan

Voting on the blog will start on 9th until 15th of September, so take a minute to stop by and choose your favourite - it'll be hard!!!
Congratulation to 2 fellow beaders who have already sold their Bollywood items: dreambeadweaver and AutumnSkyAdornments!

I'm working on matching items, so stay tuned!

Summer is over

I just got back from a wonderful place here in Puglia:

The beaches were great and the water too!
I've spent only a few days there, but now I'm ready to go back to the north of Italy and bear a long autumn!
By the way, next month Etsy Beadweavers Challenge theme is "Autumn Falling of leaves".
It surely will be a great success: what's more relaxing and nostalgic than watching red and brown leaves falling down from trees...possibly sitting on an armchair with a hot cup of tea!
The September theme was "Bollywood"; my entry is almost done, so get ready to vote!

Friday, August 13, 2010

New mug

This customized mug arrived this morning!

My big bro made it for me.
Isn't it cute?!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Etsy treasury

I'm in a treasury today!
Thanks to beadn4fun my Rainbow Necklace is in good company of many beautiful pieces in a rainbow-themed treasury

Friday, August 6, 2010

September challenge sneak peak

These are the first pieces of my EBW September challenge entry:

Next month theme is Bollywood!
I'm going to make something different since it's definitely my favourite theme ever.
My inspiration will be the movie Umrao Jaan, such a wonderful story and also beautiful o.S.T.
I'm very fond of Bollywood! I also used to take Bharata Natyam lessons while living in Milan, the teacher was such a great person, so talented.
I'm so sad there isn't any school where I am now.
If any of you is interested in learning Bharata Natyam, you can check this website to practice at home http://onlinebharatanatyam.com/