Thursday, December 27, 2012

Five red earrings for five cousins

Christmas is over and my hands are pretty grateful for that...I've been beading furiously for weeks and now I have one thing left to show you. Or should I say 5.
I was asked to make 5 red earrings for five cousins, so they had to be different from one another, not too big, red and a bit sparkly.

Unfortunately, caught in the "last minute rush", I didn't take pics of the last 2 pairs.
One of them is a copy of my Confetti earrings and you can see here the other one...

Pic taken in the dark with my cell.
Here are the 3 other pairs, gone to 3 sisters:


circles and beaded beads

and RAW sticks proposed by Marcia De Coster on her website

Hope to have chances to take better pics of the first ones!

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