Saturday, December 22, 2012

Why Preciosa Ornela?

When you have the right tools and supply, you can't help but making awesome creations.
That's why it is so easy to invent incredible new items with Preciosa Ornela beads.
The quality of their beads and their unique, innovative shapes make the beading experience a pleasure for both eyes and mind.
I am particularly pleased with the two-hole PRECIOSA Twin™ seed beads, which offer a lot of new solutions to achieve original, wonderful results in your jewels; from the casual-style bracelet

to the most elegant pendant; from a funny soccer ball to a sacred, delicate rosary.
Preciosa Ornela also offers on its website a lot of free tutorials to help you stimulate your creativity and get some familiarity with new kind of beads you have never experienced before. How incredible is that?
And, since perfection is not enough, this Czech company also takes responsability for their impact on the environment, reducing to a minimum any harm to water and air and scrupulously categorizing wastes.
So I am definitely choosing Preciosa Ornela for my beadwork.

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  1. I really like the finish on Ornela beads. Never a rough or sharp edge. Fire polish is just the best!