Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crochet rope

My first attempt with crocheted ropes...

...which will become a new necklace involving some other beaded dolls!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Lions, Tigers and Bears, OH MY !

The poll for the Etsy Beadweavers September challenge is open, it took me 1 second to vote since I already had a favourite piece in mind!
Here are all the entries:

Loved this theme so much! Would have liked to make a bigger piece for the challenge, but it seems like you never have enough time when you really like a theme.

I'm planning to bead more and to make some rule in this house (do I sound serious????). I'm neglecting not only my beads, but also the house and every other thing I like.
So next week I'm going to sign up in my old gym and start kick-boxing again, hoping that will make me feel better about a lot of things that are going wrong lately. Punching something is always a great remedy for almost anything!

I'm also very happy 'cause I've just discovered there's a yoga center right in front of my house and it's really cheap too! I'm going to have a trial day next tuesday.
I find the combination of yoga and an aggressive sport to be perfect to heal everything that has gone bad during the day: you learn both how to relax and to boost yourself out.

Have fun with the challenge and don't forget you have time to vote until 15th of September!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Road to Oz

I remember watching "Return to Oz" movie when I was a little girl, it scared me so much!
I had never watched the original Oz movie (shame!) and didn't really understand all the yellow brick road thing. Then I read the book, and decided I needed to watch the gorgeous Judie Garland, and I started to love the wonderful world of Oz!
So even though I didn't have the time to make what I had in my mind, I really wanted to partecipate in this month's competition:

I decided Toto was "my animal": it's because of him if Dorothy's been carried away with the whole house!
This little button seemed perfect, and I love beaded dolls very much, so it came out naturally.

Please remember go on EBW website from 9 to 15 September to marvel at the beauties you will find there!