Saturday, December 29, 2012

A necklace for Mom

My mom had this simple multistrand necklace, made of coral beads, bought a million years ago nobody remembers where.
Last year I decided to destroy it since threads where getting yellow and the toggle was half rusty and not really safe...I wanted to make her a whole new necklace.
So I started to make experiments but most techniques didn't work right, because these beads are so irregular...I got discouraged and left everything here while getting back to Milan.
This summer I found the perfect way to use these beads, adding some sparkly rondelles, and made half the necklace; but I left it here again.
After 4 months here I am home again and it's finished:

It looks wonderful on my mom's neck and I'm happy she will wear it on new year's eve, since I'll not be here this year

Time to pack everything now: my vacation is over and I have my train back to Milan tonight.


  1. Oh, how fun for me to read your post on New Year Eve, and image in your mother somewhere special, wearing your lovely necklace. Bravo! It turned out beautifully!

  2. Thanks Marsha! Nice to think our beads can be there when we can't :)