Friday, April 18, 2014

What makes you happy?

Five days ago I started a project called 100 happy days.
It's about sharing happy moments for 100 days in a's interesting how statistics say the 71% of partecipants failed to finish it, mainly for lack of time.
I am using Instagram since I don't want to clutter Facebook and I like this to be separated. I never used Instagram before anyway, so new medium for a new project!

Running again!!!
It might seem stupid. My roommate told me she doesn't understand it, she is always happy. Actually she is a happy and positive person 24/7...for me, things are different.
I find it easy to be in a good mood here, where I am living as a student again, making new friendship, learning something new every day in a wonderful city...but sometimes it is good to actually realize that you are happy. To feel it in your bones, to enjoy that feeling fully.

Pure bliss
I am finally able to communicate a little in this new language and that's the most exciting experience ever. New friendships from all over the world. It is so amazing how many more things you can learn from much your mind opens to different cultures and habits. It is fascinating.

I am happy.