Saturday, July 5, 2014

EBW July Challenge: The Most Colorful Animals

Yes, I am alive! And, hear hear, I am finally partecipating to the monthly EBW challenge!
This month the theme is The Most Colorful Animals, and my mind couldn't stop thinking about this creature:

Source: Pinterest
I discovered the Mantis Shrimp thanks to The Oatmeal, and I suggest you all jump to his amazing website and read this infographic he created.
Stunning, isn't it?!
This little, amazing creature can break glass. Can you imagine that?!
So playing with CRAW I attempted to make a tiny Mantis Shrimp

and I came up with a wrap bracelet

I love how the tummy came out, even though this part is a work of fantasy

I promise better pics in the morning, in the meanwhile it's already dark in here and I had to rush to post this last minute creation.
Don't forget to jump on out team blog to vote for your favourite colored animal from the 5th July until the 16th!!!