Saturday, January 19, 2013

You've Got Mail

Yesterday I was a bit sad 'cause my bead order from Gaea hadn't arrived after almost one month...which isn't that strange, since packages from USA take so long (but not the other way around).
My boyfriend came home and he had 3 envelopes in his hands...and only one was bills!
First one was this:

an unexpected gift from Preciosa Ornela in return for my blog post about them.
So sweet. Lilac twin beads I can't wait to use.

The other one...was from Gaea!

Where we live now we have a pomegranate tree in our shared garden (which is quite unusual in Milan); it is in many culture a symbol of fertility and prosperity.
But for me is so much more.

One of my first post was about my grandfather and his house in the country of Puglia, where I've spent all of my summers until the age of 12.

I used to spend a lot of time with him teaching me different kinds of trees and how to tend at them, but my favorite was the pomegranate: because fruits got ready when we were already back into the city.
I was eager to taste that strange flavour so, when october arrived, I knew that one of those afternoons I was going to find my grandad squeezing pomegranate seeds to make a juice.
When I saw this pendant the first time, I restrained myself and it got sold; the second time I wanted to purchase it, but hadn't enough money on my paypal. So I told myself: if I get money on time, I'll buy it.
As you can see...I made it. Can we say it was destiny?

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