Friday, January 18, 2013

Chestnut bracelet

I just finished this bracelet, called Chestnut, after a very long hiatus:

Its pattern is from Monica and is really simple and beautiful, but pretty long to make.
I had received some triangular beads in one of the swaps and accidentaly found this pattern almost at the same time (I have quite a perfect timing with beads/pattern finding).

I also had some size 15 seed beads in exactly the same color of the triangle beads. It was destiny.
Unfortunately it's a very difficult color to photograph (a Matte Iris Brown, which looks like green to me) and also the rondelle color, an AB lilac, is pretty hard to catch.
But together they look amazing and that's the only thing that matters!


  1. Wonderful and amazing beadwork!! I love it...greeting from Chile..