Thursday, January 3, 2013


Yeah, today was my 30th birthday

well I should say yesterday 'cause it's almost 4 AM, but it's still my birthday until I go to sleep.
I had so much fun.
I had a crown.
I had balloons.
I had a cake which said "it's still 25"...

I'm happy and not worried at all about being older. Maybe it's because I hid all my white hair with a nice afternooon at the hair saloon.
Life is nicer when you have friends around, even when you have met them minutes before...

My BF gave me flowers

(I love tulips)
my cake and a couple of surprise guests, plus a beautiful walk in the morning with some unexpected gifts...

(I have been looking for a maneki neko for ages)

Let's start this new year with a new attitude. And let's get used to this new age!


  1. What else?
    Un compleannno perfetto!
    Tantissimi auguri ... un grosso bacio!

  2. Happy Birthday! It only gets better from here. ;)