Saturday, January 5, 2013

Drawing or not?

I had a very long walk with my BF this afternoon and, despite sales being everywhere, the only window I stopped by and stared at was one with a Pantone markers set.

Source: Pinterest

It wasn't on sale (I realized that after doing some math) but it still looked so good. All pastel colors, 24 of them, placed in a case, surrounded by water colors and other stuff I usually drool on.

I used to have tones of these markers when I was at art school, but I've never been good as an illustrator; I was more interested (and had more patience) with graphic softwares and focused on them.
But I have always regretted that incapability to focus for 5 hours on a drawing and make it feel like it's something alive (yes, it often takes up to 5 hours for a good fashion plate to be colored!).

Sometimes we are better at something that requires much more patience and skill and we suck at easier tasks.
Not that illustration is easy. It's absolutely not.
But when people ask me how I can manage to make things with an invisible thread and the tiniest beads, I feel like it's not a big deal, and sometimes I would trade that ability with the capacity of being a decent illustrator.

I'd love to give it a try BF says I have too many projects and rarely complete them. He's right, of course, but I think life is made to always learn something new and sometimes the only teacher you have is...yourself!
So committment is definitely something I need to learn before splurging on these markers!


  1. If you have drawing in your head/heart then go for it. Now is the time. If you put it off you won't have the same spirit about it.

    1. Thanks Nicole! I think I might start with just a couple of markers to get my hands back at work. They always say drawing is like any other physical training, so it will take time.