Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Another Japan sneak peek

Let's keep on talking about Japan.
Another thing I love about Japanese culture, is that they have huge self confidence, in the sense that they always think you are the only one who can make things work.
They don't say "good luck" or "break a leg"; thay say "ganbatte", which means "do your best".
They have a strong will power and, although they do believe in luck and amulets, they're just a little help.

If you scroll Pinterest and look at "words of wisdom" boards, you'll realize most of them have "cheer-up" sentences, like "you deserve it" or "you are enough". Only when it comes to sport they become a bit harsh and base everything on will power. So how do you mix those different attitudes? Are you supposed to only be brave and strong and push it to the limit while exercising?

So here comes Daruma dolls again. Since they're usually round, made of papier-mâché and weighted at their bottom, if you push them gently they'll swing until they'll return to a standing position.
So they came to represent one's strength to always get up whenever they fall down.

Nanakorobi yaoki: fall seven times and stand up eight.

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