Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pantone Spring 2012 swap

I'm really excited today! Lori Anderson from Pretty Things, who usually hosts the Bead Soup Blog Party, had an amazing idea to involve all the people who didn't make it through the BSBP lottery: a Pantone Swap based on the Spring 2012 fashion color report.

Source: via Pinterest

The swap has been organized on facebook and Lori picked the couples yesterday. My partner is Lori Wishart Finney, from Canada!

These events are great to make new friends all around the globe and I'm happy to work with somebody who has taken part in several swaps before, so we're just sharing ideas on how to organize everything.
We're lucky this spring Color Report gives some interesting possibilities in terms of combos...and it's nice to see a bit of grey (which I adore) together with brighter tones. Which tones will be chosen?

Source: via Pinterest

I'll update you tomorrow!

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