Saturday, May 19, 2012

Beaded dolls - the tutorial

I finally made a tutorial for my beaded dolls.
Just listed it on eyes are tired, but I'm so happy!

Been wanting to make one for a long time, but there wasn't enough time to draw all the graphs (all those tiny beads! argh!) so I kept on procrastinating.
My first doll was a copy of one my grandmother brought from one of her trips to Spain when I was about 10.
It was the classic Indian doll (don't know why it came from Spain!) and was attached to a beaded necklace which started tearing apart very soon.
Fortunately this gave me a chance to look at the "anatomy" of both necklace and doll, and -being already handy with tubular peyote- I decided to give it a try. And then they came...

Possibilities are huge, I hope people will have fun as I'm having!

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