Thursday, January 6, 2011


Today is so full of nice discoveries.
My copy of Marcia De Coster's Beaded opulence arrived, and I can't wait to start beading!!!
It was a gift for my birthday, one of my favourite!
I think I'm going to buy some more beading books. I recently followed an interesting discussion on Etsy Beadweavers forum about copyright and I realized many beaders don't buy beading books anymore to feel more free to bead without the danger of unconsciously copying.
That's a smart thing to do.
Unfortunately, I feel I still have so much to learn. I usually "copy" (giving the due credit of course, ^_^ )stuff simply looking at it and trying to understand myself how to do it with my own knowledge, and the result is so much gratifying; like with the star shaped Santa Claus.
But some things are so complicated, it's hard to resist buying a pattern or a book.

The nice thing is there are so many people who just share their pattern, or like in the following case, make a sort of friendly competition!
I found this very nice initiative on Renata's blog

please have a look, as you can see from the pic the result is gorgeous!
The deadline is 31 January, hurry up!


  1. Dear Pipa...I feel the same
    Come ti capisco...anche io compro e "copio" da giornali, e poi piano piano ho imparato anche a personalizare e fare sempre più mie le tecniche e usarle per creare qualcosa di mio:)
    Da qualche parte bisogna pure imparare...per poi creare qualcosa di veramente tuo...

  2. decisamente, ci sono troppe tecniche interessanti!