Friday, January 14, 2011


I remember summers in the country, when I was a kid. We had that period when wild blackberries were ready, sneaking out from dry stone walls which divide each property there, branches so full they were leaning down on the road.
All the family used to take a walk, everyone with a little empty ice cream box, taking care not to wake up any snake hiding between the grass.
This summer I took such a walk after a long, long time, but there were almost no blackberry due to alternation of heavy rains and heat in the wrong periods.
So I made my own blackberries/beaded beads and made this necklace:

I love black and silver together and I had already used this combination for this necklace.

I also realy love the Pitaya bead, it has such a beautiful shape

Now I'm going back to the five necklaces I'm trying to finish...


  1. Es un collar precioso y por supuesto el título es muy apropiado. Yo también iba de pequeña a coger moras y me lo has vuelto a recordar cuando iba a recogerlas pro la vía del tren o los caminos, cuando teníamos cuidado de no encontrarnos con ninguna serpiente en el camino. Qué tiempos me has recordado, se me había olvidado.
    Enhorabuena por tu collar, es muy, muy bonito.

  2. Gracias ^_^ glad you like it!
    Country memories are always the best!

  3. Hello Pipa,
    it´s funny, I´m just working a lariat
    withto Pitaya-beads on each end.
    But it is not fineshed now. Your
    necklaceis very elegant with the
    beaded beads and the Pitaya in the center, congratulations!
    Happy beading and kind regards from

  4. Thank you so much!
    I really like shaped beads like Pitaya, I'm sure your lariat will be great!