Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The "nothing to wear" syndrome

You know when you open your closet, full of clothes of any kind, and still you got nothing to wear?
It also happens with beads.
You might have plenty, but still you feel if you had some more of a different kind, you would be so much more creative and could do amazing things.

Add a very gloomy weather which makes it so hard to take pictures, and you get why I haven't beaded much.
But I made a couple of easy-peasy things to keep myself working.
One is this nice bracelet

found this on so many websites, I wanted to try it and I thought the bicolor beads from Eozy would be perfect.

If only I had had more jump rings of the perfect size, I would have made a necklace too.
I also used the lilac glass beads from the same shop and I love them so much, both color and size are perfect for my flower donuts

This time I started with earrings, but I feel I would love an entire necklace like the Bridal Flower Wreath I made for the EBW challenge in June.
Just need to find the perfect color of crystal bicones to match.
That's all for today, I'm going back to beading!

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