Monday, October 21, 2013

Beaded locket

Some weeks ago I bought an amazing pattern from Chloe Menage of Pinkhot.
It's a beaded locket!
These last days I finally had some time to make one

This is for my BF so I used grey and stole from a fellow beader the idea of putting a guitar on it (an old earring I had).
The pattern is so easy you ask yourself "why didn't I had this idea!" and it's really fast, but gives great satisfaction. The picture is trapped inside a beaded frame and the closure, for which I had so many fears, actually works without any struggle.
I am happy and definitely will make more!


  1. I didnt see anything like this earlier! Really great, but I think not so easy, especially the closure...

  2. It is, believe me ;) and the closure is just a bead but really holds it closed.

  3. Silvia, are you sure that's the designer? There's nothing even remotely resembling it on her Etsy linked...very cool, and I'd love to get it!! You did a wonderful job.

    1. You can see it both on her facebook page or on her sold items Lori, try sending her a message!

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments! Unfortunately I've had to temporarily de-list the locket tutorial but I will have it back for sale again in early 2014 so please check back then!:)