Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cross stitch from the outer space

I can finally show you why I haven't been beading much lately.

is the reason. It took me 2 weeks!
It is a little gift for my BF who turns 30 today!
We are both Star Wars big fans and are going to have a SW marathon today.
He still hasn't seen it...
The pattern is from, please check this amazing website 'cause you'll find all the best series cross stitched!
I just had to invent a couple of charachters and to modify Jabba from another pattern.
Hope the BF will like it!


  1. Great gift! Perfect stitches-you are really renaissance girl with many talents :)))

    1. Yea and sometimes I revive some of them! ;)

  2. This is just so totally awesome! And it's just what a gift should be. Personal, and very much from the heart. I hope he flipped for it! I imagine these as pillowcase edging, or framed for the wall. SUPER!

    1. Thanks Marsha! Yes he was quite shocked and it was totally unexpected, so big win!