Monday, April 8, 2013


Buttons are one of those things you are irrationally attracted to (like beads and stationery and glitter). So let me show you what I unexpectedly found at my hometown local market:

There were 2 huge crates full of 80's looking buttons and some may be even older. I'm not really good at judging buttons, but I love these so much!

These are going to spice up a plain sweatshirt I just bought. I'm also considering making a purple cardigan, if I'm ever going to finish the other ones I left half done.
Pink ones on the bottom are going to match my Shalom cardigan, ones it has sleeves...

while the ones on the top are going to be featured in a secret project.
Then I saw these

they look like pebbles, I'm going to make bracelets with them.
Last but not least the little red ones you can see in the first pic, they're going to be put on a 3 months sweater I'm making for a dear friend of mine who has just become aunt.
Still unpacking the beads I bought during Easter vacations; I don't want to get too distracted from the BSBP pieces I still need to finish!


  1. How could you know?????? I spent an hour two weeks ago looking for interesting buttons:))))) I found some extra glass Jablonex pieces,some sparkling oranges/used in last soutache earrings/and much more.You were also succesfull, I see:)))

    1. Oh I wish I could have bought them all!!!