Wednesday, April 17, 2013

BSBP 3rd item: The Cherry Blossom necklace

If you are still hopping on the BSBP second reveal, here is the link . I'm showing my BSBP pieces one by one all over the week, here is the 3rd.

Since I saw these little leaves in my BSBP box I knew I was going to use them, I just didn't know HOW.
I also loved those 6mm pink beads and wanted something to celebrate spring...somehow I found myself making donuts with them and realized they looked like flowers!

The next step was thinking how to assemble them together. I wanted another knotted necklace, simple, something that could resemble an actual twig of cherry tree.
While on Flickr I saw these chain maille "beads" and I thought they would look great made with dark bronze rings...and then, playing with beaded beads, I realized I could complete the necklace with some beaded cherries.

A simple necklace but it has almost become my favorite!


  1. I keep reading along, saying, "Oh that's my favourite"...and then going, "Oh, no, that one". LOVE the cherry blossom necklace! Such creativity!

  2. Cherry blossoms! I absolutely think this is the coolest piece I've seen so far! Great job in putting it all together!

    1. Thanks Genny, I love these flowers so much!

  3. Wow, you made so much with your soup, I like it all :-) Especially the beaded cherries!

  4. Thats my favorite! You did a great job with all pieces - but this cherry-one I love most! Hugs,Doris

  5. This my fave among your BSBP pieces. Very cool and it would be such fun to wear!

  6. Oh wow - this is just gorgeous!! Absolutely fantastic!