Tuesday, April 16, 2013

BSBP 2nd item: The Green Leaf set

If you are still hopping on the BSBP second reveal, here is the link . I'm showing my BSBP pieces one by one all over the week, here is the second one.

My partner has been generous to provide me with multiple focals and 2 toggles, both floreal.
One of the focals was this beautiful leaf

She sent a huge variety of green beads: crystals, big rondelles, green turquoise, glass little leaves...
I wanted to use the rondelles but didn't know how. I decided to knot them with some grey waxed thread instead of a plain stringing.
I also decided I didn't want a symmetrical necklace, so I needed something different on the other side; I made some beaded beads with the green crystals and brown seed beads, also I made 2 more with orange/lime beads from the previous neclace to give some contrast.

As usual the final part of a necklace is always the most difficult for me. There were already so many different elements, I didn't want the necklace to be too crowded, and I didn't want to sacrifice some beautiful stones in a part of it that is usually hidden by hair.
I suddenly remembered a gift from a fellow beader: sari silk ribbon!
I loved the contrast of this mustard colored silk. I was saving it for something special...I think I waited until the perfect moment. Plus it is really comfortable to wear on such a sensitive part of the body.
I also made this simple knotted bracelet

with some lilac and a beaded bead in contrast color. I was inspired by my spring bracelets and so I made one more 

I love so much these big lentil beads, both color and shape attract me.

Stay tuned for more details on my BSBP pieces!


  1. Wow. I really love that green and lilac bracelet! I would wear it all spring. The necklace is lovely too and I am amazed at how people have been able to incorporate silks into their metals. Really is a nice contrast. Love your post and will check back later in the week for more!

    1. Thanks a lot Tracy! It was a really interesting experiment for me!

  2. Perfect use of the sari silk!! Love, love, love it...the colour combination just sings!

    1. Hehe yeah that was YOUR sari silk! So I'm happy you like it :D

  3. Love the colours of the necklace! The sari silk complements the design so well.