Saturday, February 16, 2013

To bead is to be challenged

The main reason why I love EBW monthly challenge is because it's not just a challenge with other beaders, but with your own brain.
An "easy" theme is sometimes harder to translate into a beadwoven item because interpretations are endless and your mind keeps jumping from one possibility to another, unless you have a striking idea from the beginning and are able to stick to it until the end (which is pretty impossible for me).

For this last piece I have received a lot of heart-warming compliments from fellow beaders, was it for the craftmanship or the message it holds; I was in disbelief for the kind words of artists that make much more amazing works than I do.
I want to thank everybody because your messages have really made my day more than you might think!

Source: Pinterest

When I opened my etsy shop I wanted to be different from everybody, easier said than done since there are thousands of beaders out there and many of them come up with new designs every single day!
I'm happy I'm sometimes able to do it and I also thank the Etsy Beadweavers team for pushing my creativity and taking care of challenges, website and forum with such a huge passion.


  1. I like your beading style very much. The compositions are wonderful.

    1. Thank you sooooo much Nicole! You're too kind :D

  2. This piece is so delightful and clever! I love your style. :D

  3. Hi! Wow! Who said beaded jewellery was for old ladies? That person never saw your work. Love your hilarious work with all the happy colours and wild ideas. Can't wait to see what you'll create for the BSBP challenge with beads from your Polish partner. All the best from Stockholm, Elisabet

    1. Thank you so much Elisabet, you're really kind!
      Can't wait to start working with my soup!