Monday, February 11, 2013

A European soup

It's about time to talk about my partner for the 7th Bead Soup Party!
Now that contact has been made, let me introduce Dorota properly.
She's from Poland and she's a talented seed beader both with beadweaving

and crochet

and also very good at soutache, as you can see

(I'll never have the courage to try soutache!)

She told me she's really into flamenco, which I love, and let me sneak peek a picture of her - I'm not a stalker but it's nice to associate faces to names! Plus, I had my reasons...which you'll understand lately.
I hope the snow won't slow down our soups travel because we both need something to warm up our days!
Even though it took longer, snow arrived in the north of Italy tonight and will be go on for a couple of days, so I'm seeing a lot of beads in the near future. And tea.


  1. Ottima partner per lo swap!!!!
    Adoro le sue creazioni ... gli orecchini in soutache sono pazzescamente belli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Inoltre ammiro molto tutte le beaders che riescono a lavorare a crochet con le perline ... io ci ho provato ... ma per il momento mi batte 10 - 0!
    Ma non demordo prima o poi vincerò io!
    ... ti capisco ... anche io sono curiosa di associare una faccia ai miei contatti perlinosi ... diventano meno freddi e più reali ^_^
    Buon BBSP!!!!!!!!!

    1. Si davvero brava!
      E unita a me (e te) in questa sofferenza per la neve :D

  2. Yaaayy!! Glad you got your beadweaver! :-)Those crochet bracelets are fabulous, and just crying out for a little Dorota dangle....:-)
    Have fun!!

    1. Yes they're awesome, I don't have such patience!!!