Friday, February 8, 2013

Logged off

Yesterday I had to send my laptop away to be fixed, and the reason is so stupid I'm even more pissed off.
My BF laptop is slow and has a lot of issues and his tablet, well, let's say I don't really get along with touch no photoshop (with a mouse I mean!!!), problem with writing more than a sentence and...did I mention I don't like touch devices? Only my Kindle touch is "friendly" to me.
Guess I'll have a month full of free time (no Pinterest is one of the main reasons why) which I mean to spend reading more, working out at the gym to fix my back once and for all and, of course, beading.

source: Pinterest

I'll try to update the blog regularly somehow, since I'm working on two custom orders which I really want to show off, and the Bead Soup is on its way both towards me and my partner Dorota.
Can't wait for this month to pass!

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