Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My precious!

Don't you ever feel like Smeagol in the LOTR movies...you buy a lot of beads (or crystals, like in my case)and never use them.
Every time you have an idea you take them up, look at them and feel like you're wasting them on such a simple project. They're so beautiful! Sparkling!bright colors!
So you think your precious deserves a better project. My precioussss!

Ok, let's get serious. After collecting a lot of crystal bicones in different shades of color, and after looking at them with pride and joy every time I had a project in my mind, I finally took the courage to use them!
I so had to make this.
A rainbow capricho:

I know, nothing new. I have been looking at it for almost a year and finally I made one for me only!

And for the record, even though I'm pretty sure everybody knows that, you can find the original tutorial on Unicornio website.


  1. It's simply stunning!I like the you played wit the colors! Congatulations!

  2. Come ti capisco!
    Capita anche a me...e poi chissà perchè manca sempre proprio "quel" colore nel "mio tesssoro" di miyuki e Swarovski!!!!
    Complimenti il bracciale è fantastico^_^

  3. Thank you all! This bracelet really puts me in a good mood ^_^