Thursday, July 7, 2011

Finally, the honeycomb bangle

After my last moving I pledged not to buy beads until I have enough money and space for them, so I'm using my stash for everything. This means I can't always make what I want because my beads are not the right size or shape.
That's why I tried several times to make the Honeycomb bangle by Cynthia Rutledge with miserable failures as results.
Then I found some small rondelles I bought this winter and decided to give it a try, modifyng the scheme a bit.
Here's the result:

I'm happy I managed to make it! I didn't know there was a free pdf with explanation on how to use smaller rondelles.
But the tutorial was easy to adjust.


  1. The bangle came out beautiful! This was a perfect use of the stash! ~Val

  2. Ciao...veramente molto bello compliementi!!!!
    passa sul mio blog se ti va!!!