Saturday, June 4, 2011

Heal the world

Finally I started beading again after a long break!
This month's EBW challenge was so interesting I couldn't avoid to partecipate!
The theme was "Heal the world" and, being a Michael Jackson huge fan, I really wanted to make something. There was a lot of choice...

Since this is something we deal everyday with, I chose the recycling/reusing theme.
What if we indulged ourselves with, let's say, a coke only if we take the pledge to re-use the bottle for another purpose? What if, in our everyday life, we tried to produce less garbage not only by buying loose stuff (food, water, cleaning liquids) but also by reusing everything we can several times?

Sounds stupid but I don't see many people doing it.
So I used a simple item, can tabs, to make this:

Can tabs are washable and versatile, there are thousands of ways to use them!

Thay also give a silver-y sparkle to the finished piece.

Do you know how many things you can make with tabs? Just look on youtube for tutorials and you'll be amazed! And take a look at this gorgeous website!

I also amde a pair of red earrings Bollywood inspired

That's all for today!
Can't wait to see all the entries for the challenge!


  1. semplicemente....... meravigliosi!!!! sei un portento!

  2. Love those red earrings. What a great idea for recycling. Are these small bells hanging from the bottom?

  3. yes, they're attached to the bigger beads (on the back side)