Sunday, November 7, 2010

G n' R cameo!

Maybe some of you noticed I love Guns n' Roses. (LOL)
Some time ago I saw these wonderful cameos on Cathysjewels shop, on Etsy. I put them in my favorite list until I finally got them!
So today, after a slightly longer journey (due to the "great" Italian Postal service" I had to got them sent to my cousin in Austria not to have them stuck in the custom) they finally arrived!!!

This pic is ugly, sorry, but my camera had low battery and I really wanted to send a pic to my BF.
I think I will use 2 of them to make cufflinks for him for his birthday-it was a week ago.
What do you think???
The others will become simple pendants and an embroidery bracelet/necklace which I'm trying to draw right now!
Thanks Cathysjewels!

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