Monday, September 6, 2010

Guns N' Roses in Milan!

I already know what most people are thinking: that Guns N' Roses don't exist anymore.
Well, you are wrong.
I've always been a Slash fan, and I had seen the other former Guns N' Roses members at the 2007 Gods of Metal in Milan, when they were the Velvet Revolver.

Velvet Revolver at Gods of Metal 2007
They were great, but of course my last wish was to see/hear Axl singing live.
I thought it was impossible...until I had the tickets for the concert in my hands!

Can't believe it!
His performances in these last years haven't been really i was really worried to go there and hear a husky-crappy voice.
It definitely wasn't like that.

After yesterday I can say without any doubt that not only Guns N' Roses are still alive, but they rock!
Hear yourself...

The 3 guitarists are amazing, stunning artists, and you won't regret Slash not even for a second, not to mention Axl's voice, which was awesome.

What can I say was a dream come true.

Still in disbelief after the concert
And to end this post in a "beady" way, here is a cuff I made with a shoe-box-loom some years ago...

And a better scheme for those about to rock!


  1. Delightful! So glad you enjoyed your concert and got to hear Axl sing. Great beadwork as well.

  2. Thanks Marsha! It was such an amazing experience!

  3. What a blast! Also very cool how you were inspired to design the cuff based on the band.

    Patricia C Vener

  4. Thanks Patricia, I still can't believe I was there!