Monday, November 15, 2010


I love fuchsia. It's bright, cheerful and feminine. Or maybe girly..that's why I love it. When I wear something fuchsia I feel happy.
Unfortunately this colour seems odd matched with my red hair, so I only wear it when i go back to brown.
Some time ago I made this embroidery cuff

It was my first attempt with bead embroidery.
Now I've just finished this necklace

It's a netted base with the same technique of the famous "Capricho" cuff

Using round transparent beads instead of Svarovski doesn't make it less shiny at all

I wasn't able to take a proper picture this morning, the light was a bit strange so it seems purple rather than fuchsia...will try tomorrow.
It was pretty funny to make so I think I will try it in more colours!

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