Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Inspirational bracelet tutorial

I am often asked how I started beading.
As most people, my first approch to beads was a handmade loom, made by my mom with a shoe box.
When I grew a little older, I learnt with a 70's book how to do flat and round peyote stitch.

For about 15 years and more I haven't been doing anything else. I wasn't aware of the huge beading community existing online. I guess faster internet and websites like Flickr and Pinterest have made it all so much easier.

I have lernt so many techniques and stitches, but in the end I always come back to peyote stitch for one reason or another: I need to make a beaded toggle, or some tubular beaded beads to cover something, or I just need to relax and "switch off" my brain doing something simple.

Lately I have been making these cute bracelets

they are so versatile and easy but give great satisfaction.
So I made a tutorial.
Because many people ask me how I started to understand if they are still on time to start, so I just want to tell you: sure! There is always plenty of time to start!

People who don't know about beadweaving also don't know that some of the most talented beadweavers are not exactly young girls (they surely are at heart) and just started a few years ago.
Excellence is a habit!

You can find my tutorial here.

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