Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last day cleaning?

This morning I received 2 unexpected mails while cooking for tonight.
One was from Preciosa Ornela...amazing neon seed beads!

The other one was, well, one thing I didn't thought I would receive.
Remember my necklace beeh chosen by Nina Design as one of the Bead Soup winners?
Seems like after so many months my little price arrived...

So much generosity from our amazing hostess Lori Anderson, who provided basically everything except the silver Nina Design pendant. Thank you!
The post label says it was sent on april 1st...seriously! Do post office make last day of the year cleaning???! If so, I would love to have my necklace back!

In the meanwhile, here are some better shots of the necklace been published on Jewelry Affaire.
I am so proud!

First shot of the article!

The before shots
I guess we can close this year properly now.
I wish a sparkling new year to everybody!


  1. Dear, I'm also so proud your great necklace and your amazing imagination and talent were noticed and honored!! Best wishes for New Year !!!

    1. Half the winning was yours :D for your amazing cabochon and your fine materials, you inspired me to do this!

  2. I'm so glad it arrived but I wish you would have told me sooner, I would have tried mailing another package! At least it wasn't broken to bits.

    1. Oh Lori don't worry, you had so much going on in your life and also so many winners, I was happy enough to be selected! Thank you again!!!