Monday, August 5, 2013

Christmas in August

I wasn't a fan of soutache, until I saw a necklace at a fair in March.
I was astonished by how tiny and full of microscopic details this work was.
Colored thin ropes, precious stones and some silver charms all together in a beautiful ensemble.
I don't feel I am precise enough for this kind of work (maybe I'll change my mind one day as for bead embroidery) so I asked my dear BSBP friend and partner Dorota if she could make some for my mom.

She ambushed me.
I just received a huge pack from Poland...again!

A big baby in my arms!
When I opened it, it was like Christmas again - just in August!

This is the chocolate. Insane, ah?!!!  Those in the big cup are plums in chocolate. They are the most delicious thing in this world! They are a typical product of the region Dorota is from.
Maybe this will kick my back on the running field again.
Then I found a beautiful box, with some real treasures inside:

Southache earrings for my mom, then...

...southache earrings for me too and an amazing crocheted rope to match them, plus an amber bracelet from the Baltic sea.
And these insanely beautiful buttons!

My mind is exploding with projects for these!
Can you believe this girl took all this trouble for me? I am going to meet you someday my dear, and I'll make you regret all of this! LOL.

Here is my mom already wearing her earrings

Turquoise has always been her favorite color and suits her so well.
I burnt my face and back despite the high sunscreen yesterday so running will be hard today, but all that chocolate isn't going to eat itself...


  1. Im so so happy you are glad!!!!!

  2. WOW!

    Io ho provato il soutache, ma mi sa che non fa per me ... però lo continuo ad ammirare e a stupirmi di che meraviglie si riesca a fare (e i due orecchini da te ricevuti ne sono un esempio perfetto! quelli multicolor sono davvero spettacolari!!!)
    Ho ammirato anche il beaded crochet che hai ricevuto: Fantastico (anche questa tecnica mi attira!)