Friday, August 23, 2013

Chain maille

Let's start with the fact that I don't even know which is the right way to spell this diabolic technique, which I had sworn never to deal with.
Then I thought I might make myself a bracelet to use all the charms I was collecting...
So the madness started.

The tiny Trullo charm is the first
I am pleased with the result, even though it would be much better to use thicker and smaller jump rings for this design to make it "tighter".
I was pleased that it started to become easier after a while to detect the right connections...hope this rings will hold.
My camera batteries abandoned me right now, so better pics will come.


  1. That's a lovely byzantine weave. I believe you got the spelling right - I always write chain maille. Have a nice weekend. Ana

    1. Thank you and thanks for telling me its name :D

  2. Pipa I love chain maille and I do like your design. Very nice.

    1. Thanks Karen, I will definitely try again!