Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ready to party with Gatsby?

I'm certainly glad to see you again, Leo.
It's been a long time.
I still remember watching Titanic at the cinema with my 3 best friends, the "WOW" at the close up of his eyes while sketching Rose, the tears of despair in the end.
And what about Romeo+Juliet?!! Oh my. The butterflies in my stomach every time I watch that movie.

The great Gatsby is another of those butterfly-making-movies. The suspance before the two ex-lovers meet again after so many years, the impossible love, the tragedy. I can't wait for tonight to see it on that huge screen.

My intention was to embroidery a cloche to put on for the big event and get dressed up with some friends, but unfortunately they're all working and the weather is horrible today, and I'm too eager (and selfish) to wait for them to see the movie.
I thought I needed at least a small accessory to get in the mood.

Pattern by Eva Kovacs (bracelet) and Kerrie Slade (flower), both free.
Now off to the cinema!

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