Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Earrings arrived - from earring swap 2013

This morning I am struggling to find a friend of mine a nice birthday present.
I am thinking that despite spending time together, even shopping together, I don't really know what her tastes are.
So it's even stranger when you receive a present from someone you only know by e-mails and blog posts, and it fits you so perfectly as if you picked that present yourself.

Remember I was waiting for my Earring Swap partner Ginger's earrings to arrive...well, I just found them in my mail!

Amazing card also!
She said they were "me" and I have to confirm that.
I wear a lot of grey and black and even though I am trying to color up my wardrobe, my fav necklaces are still black and grey. Plus, my hair is a mixture of brown and orange right now, so they pop up nicely.

The thing I would like to convey is how light they are and how beautiful both texture and finish look. I am no clay expert, but this is quite astonishing.

Sorry, blurry. I'll take bette pic later with make up on!
I have put eyes on her tutorial to make these gorgeous components, but I guess my boyfriend would kick me out if I buy new materials (beads can be hidden among beads, you know) so I need to wait to try and make these beauties myself.
You'll find it here together with other impressive tut and beautiful components. Her holo effect pieces are so beautiful, I guess you won't have to buy rivolis anymore!

Thank you so much Ginger for making these special earrings for me! I love them and won't get them off my ears for quite a long time!!!

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  1. Oh Silvia, I'm so glad you finally got them. Better late than never! And I'm so please that you like them. They just had your name all over them.