Sunday, March 24, 2013

Scheherazade wardrobe

The Etsy Beadweavers April 2013 challenge theme is...(((drumroll)))... “Shades of Scheherazade”: Find your inspiration in mysterious, undulating arms, swaying hips, and the beautiful, smooth curves of bodies in Middle Eastern Dance. Modern Oriental dance is a mixture of many styles, from places like Egypt, Lebanon and Turkey. Veiled faces can add to the mystique, and lavishly decorated costumes fascinate the viewer. Your beadwork should capture for the wearer the feeling of Eastern beauty. You might be designing for the heroine of the fairy tale "One Thousand and One Nights." My main thought when reading this was Rachel Brice.

Source: Pinterest

Rachel is an amazing tribal bellydancer and I love her style, which combines a bit of steampunk with some 20's details and tribal jewelry. Her dancing style is also amazing and she's my favorite among the Indigo bellydance group, to which she belongs. My desire was to create something she might wear to dance, not the classic beaded bellydance item, but also something that anyone could wear on a shirt or tank top anytime.
This top was really fun to make, I thought about making it with can tabs only when I was already started, so maybe I'll make another one.
I need to take better pics but it's raining hard these days and the sky is so grey, plus I need a mannequin to make it look decent. I'll upload better pics in a couple of days!


  1. Oh Bravo! I hoped that someone would do a bra or belt and yours is wonderful!!! Nice color use too! This will be a great entry, congrats!

    1. Thanks a lot Marsha! I'm so pleased with the result! I was thinking about adding bells but I prefear it this way.

  2. NOW that would make anyone want to dance. Very clever.
    Be balessed to be a blessing