Sunday, November 25, 2012

Unfinished projects

Today I sold my tiny white stars to my friend, who is the most perfect person ever to wear them!
They really suit her and her dark hair make them pop out.
It's nice when you find the right customer for your beaded jewels, or vice-versa!

Meanwhile I have tons of things to finish...

(Not that I can complain: my boyfriend is really understanding about all my "craftiness"....)
So let me tell you which project I'm on simultaneously:
-Just finished 2 more pairs of Paika earrings, one in a beautiful AB lilac

-Made one of a pair of this custom order earrings:

-Last but not least, I'm making a beaded/stringed necklace for my mother in law, whose birthday is the I'm in a rush! I'll use these beautiful ceramic components I bought on Etsy from Petra Carpreau:

They're gorgeous and a bit rustic-looking, she also sent 2 more as a gift so I can make something for myself in the near future!

Off to the beadwork table now!

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