Thursday, November 29, 2012

I threw it on the ground

Ever seen this video?
I feel a bit this way about my necklace! LOL
Ok...from the beginning.

Having had insomnia since ever and being a very light sleeper, I consider sleep in general as something sacred.
I'm lucky 'cause my BF is, instead, a heavy sleeper, so when there's nothing I can do to fall in the arms of Morpheus, I can do whatever I want (watch a movie, have all the lights turned on, play a game) and he won't awake.
I feel terrible when I have to wake someone up, even if that person has told me to do it. I hate it.

So imagine how I felt tonight at 1 AM when, fixing a jump ring on my FINISHED necklace, almost going to pack it for the post office, it slipped from my hands and fell on the floor.
I was leaning on the table for extra security, had been taking care of the ceramic components for a week trying to avoid THIS kind of catastrophy. But somehow the necklace fell between my body and the table. On the floor.

(the necklace almost finished)

Half the ceramic components got broken. My heart too.

I was petrified and couldn't think of anything but to wake my BF up.
He was so cute, wanted to see the damage and calmed me down; we realized only some of the rings got broken and tried to understand wether to buy them again or do something different.
After 1 whole week of beading this...I feel exhausted. Buying the components again means to make the whole thing back from scrap, as they were connected by beaded rings, plus I'm not sure I want something so fragile to be gifted to my BF's mother.

So I have decided to just make beaded rings instead of the ceramic ones and send the necklace with one more day of delay.
I'd like to specify tha these components are sturdy and beautiful, but of course rings are a bit more fragile and, again, you're not supposed to throw them on the ground!

Just one more word about my BF, and boyfriends/husbands in general.
If you wake your man up in the middle of the night and he has to wake up early for work; if he is genuinly worried for your beadwork and is simpathetic to your tragic situation; if he even offers to find solutions with you, instead of just saying "let's go to bed and sleep over it";
then, ladies, THIS is real love.

The funny thing is, since I ran out of beads and out of time, now I have to intentionally break the remaining rings...throwing them on the ground!


  1. Bummer about you necklace. :-( Hate it when things like that happen!

    But on the bright side, looks like you've found true love. So it's really not that big of a deal in hindsight. ;-)