Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ombre hair

I've always been pretty reasonable with hairstylers, never asked for impossible things - like bringing a photo of a much longer haircut and demanding my hair to look exactly like that, or asking for crazy colors hard to find in small salons.

Source: Pinterest

But I feel frustrated when my reasonable requests are answered with:
1)"this is IMPOSSIBLE" - yet someone did it...the pics can't all be photoshopped!
2)"We don't have this color, NOBODY has" - and you've done that exact color in that salon the year before
3)"We can't do this but we can do this other thing, it'll look even better" - and cost you twice the price...
4)"Why do you want such a thing??!" - ...
So lately I asked for an ombre effect on my hair, and OMG - I got all the previous answers all in one time, plus the "we need to bleach everything first".
And all for a not-so-reasonable-price.
So I bought everything and dyed my hair myself. This is the result (forgive the crappy pic):

The ombre effect will be more visible after a couple of washing, and will fade away going to the beach for sure :( but I'm really happy with it!

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