Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Macramé is back!

When I was a kid of about 9, I was in love with a magazine called Rakam (it's been lately sold from its publishing company so I'm not able to find the right link to its website).
It started in the 30's and since then it's mantained the image of a magazine for the perfect Italian woman, able to master any kind of craft: from needlework to knitting, this magazine has always proposed a lot of interesting works.
I have quite a collection but I stopped buying it when it started to become thinner and was divided into too many different magazines - the one dedicated to babies, to cross stitch, to knitting...
One thing I remember clearly was the macramé lesson, from which I started making the so called "friendship bracelets" like these

Source: Pinterest

There's actually a whole world to discover besides bracelets: it's a knotting technique that will allow you to make solid bags and cases for your tablet or cell phone

Source: Pinterest

belts, curtains and decorations of any kind for the house

Source: Pinterest

Now that macramé is back with many new possibilities I'm happy such an old craft won't be forgotten. I think I will try and make something new with this technique - maybe I'll go and find that old magazine again...

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