Sunday, February 27, 2011

New home - part2

Tomorrow we have a 2nd round in Milan looking at houses.
By now I don't completely dislike what I saw, I really loved 1apartment but the kitchen was so tiny, no table, no dish rack, well no space at all to move!
After seeing brown bathroom fittings in 1 house (and I mean: "chocolate" brown) I came back home and looked at my apartment under a different light.
It's tiny, it's full of (my) stuff, but everything's new and it doesn't feel like living in an ancient house. Being in the very centre of the city I believe the building is pretty old, but you'd never tell.
In Milan things are different.
Most of the buildings were built in the 40's or 60's and you can actually guess their age buy looking at them, especially at the furniture.
Not that I don't like some good piece of furniture from the 70's :) maybe not with brown&yellow together or blue/yellow tartan couch...but really, I don't think it's a good idea to rent a house whith stinking, old furniture that will break at the first use.
Ok, for today I've complained enough!
Wish me luck for tomorrow!

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