Sunday, February 20, 2011


The day after our 1st anniversary in this house my boyfriend got a call - he's got a Milan. A pretty good one.
I'm not sure I can bear another relocation...especially after only one year, several months of which were spent only to empty boxes!
When I left Milan last february I was pretty sure never to go back there again, but I also knew it'd be really hard for the both of us to find a job anywhere else.
Good news: a bigger house (I hope) and all the friends I had left in Milan.
When I moved here my best friend moved in the same period from a city around here to Milan, so maybe we'll finally be together again since College time!
Plus I'll be able to visit Claudia Cattaneo shop and maybe take a class with her to learn bead embroidery properly!
Bad news: all the green and the nice places around here, the long walks under the arcades, the jogging in the park along the river...gone.
Back to the "gray city"!


  1. MILAN! I never got there, but did live in Venice for three months and got down to Bologna. I love Italy with a passion.

    I'd say have fun with the move, but being a veteran of MANY moves, I know what they're like.

    I'm eagerly going to watch your moving and settling in chronicles!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement!I really need it!
    I also feel a veteran of moves, this is my 5th I believe...
    I love Venice and have lived in Bologna for some months, got relatives there so I often go, all this region is so nice; but Milan area isn't.