Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fulco cuff by Verdura

Do you like Chanel?
Even if you don't, I'm sure everybody would have loved to have her cuffs.

She used to wear them one on each wrist, under suits as well as with her famous "little black dress".
They were made for her by the famous jewelry master Fulco di Verdura, someone said from old jewels gifted by old lovers.

When my embroidery abilities will improve, I'll make a proper version of this, with white leather and a better cabochon.

But tonight I had this idea and couldn't refrain myself from trying:


  1. Your beaded version is quite lovely. Can't wait to see the leather cuff variation!

  2. Thanks, Hope to get the leather soon so I can try it!!!

  3. Love your inspiration and result. Should there be one for each arm? :o)

  4. Yeah they should be 2, but I ran out of white beads -_-'